Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Order Food Online in Panipat & Karnal

To delight everyone's taste buds, Veg Platter enables you to order food online from restaurants in your town choosing from their complete menus. You can make your order online in seconds and get served in minutes. Select your location, restaurant and add menu items to your plate. Proceed to checkout to be served at your doorstep in stipulated time.

Each restaurant has its complete menu with combos and exciting deals for you in Karnal and Panipat areas.

We are getting handsome orders to cherish at get together and treats. So when are you treating? Choose you menu to order anywhere in town or pickup from restaurant.

For the tiring week days, when you don't feel like putting on apron and cook but are hungry, we have home like food of South Indians, Punjabi, Chinese, Italian, Thai and many favorite snacks in budget. Next time, when your dish is not in fridge, check your phone.

Now, appreciate the savoury delicious food at your home,
by Order food online from Veg Platter
with these 4 Simple Steps-
1. Choose your Restaurant
2. Order Your Cuisine
3. Pay Cash or Online
4. Enjoy Your Food.

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